Mom Feature of the Week – Stephanie P.

“I just do my best from day to day” -Stephanie P.

This week we are featuring Stephanie, a mother of three in the DFW area. Stephanie and her husband have two young boys and recently had a baby girl. She talked to me about having her first girl, potty training her toddler son, and her ideas of success as a parent. She gives us her philosophies on parenting young children from first hand experiences to tracking her children’s milestones. A great source for anyone raising young boys, welcoming newborns, or just balancing life with three kids. Check out her interview!

Stephanie and her husband Chad. Go Cowboys!!


Wilson (top) Christian (right) and Chasity (left)

Q: What makes you feel like a success as a mom?

I feel like a success as a mom when I can make time for my kids and myself. I make mistakes everyday and when I do I change up my routine so that things fit well for all of my kids. I feel successful when I can learn from those mistakes enough to make changes. I have three kids and I am still learning so much. The last thing that makes me feel like a success as a mom is to be able to keep things organized and the schedule running smoothly. The reason that this is paramount is because it helps maintain order and gives me more time with my kids, which keeps them happy.

Q: What advice would you give a new or expectant mother?

First, do not overwork your brain. It’s great to be knowledgable and I can relate to how hard it is to stay away from Google looking things up while you’re pregnant. You should do so but don’t get overwhelmed. Being knowledgable just helps you know what’s going on with your body and your baby during your pregnancy. I recommend making a list of questions to ask your doctor to ease some of the tension about things you may find on the internet. This is so you can enjoy the experience. Second, enjoy the experience because they grow so fast. Take it all in including the advice you get from others and put it to the back of your mind. I believe that you learn best by doing. Advice is great but sometimes you have to let let life be your teacher. 


Q: How did you document your pregnancies and kids milestones?

I have a few different ways that I have tracked milestones for my children. Taking pictures, uploading videos to You Tube, and posting updates to Facebook. I can look at the pictures and remember when, where, and how the event happened.

Wilson – I took pictures and filmed his milestones. I placed them on You Tube under “Wilsons Mommy” to share with family.

Christian – I took pictures and made videos. By the time he was born technology had made some changes so I stored everything on a USB and got a larger hard drive to store the media.

Chasity – I take tons of photos and share them on Facebook.  

Q: What were your fears and expectations of becoming a mom to a baby girl when you had all boys?

My thoughts were, girls are fun! I wanted to do her hair and come up with a lot of outfit combinations. Figuring out diaper changes, how my middle son would accept her, and balancing life were all concerns. The funny thing is that everything turned out to be a blessing. Both of my sons are very helpful in taking care of her and love her so much. Christian is like her shadow! He brings me diapers for her and when she cries he’s right there watching over her. My advice about fears is that once you pass a certain peak everything becomes routine and eventually you figure things out that are easiest for you and your family. 

end ofseasonsale!.png

Q: Any last tips on topics related to parenting?

Potty training was hard! It was hard. Some tips I would give on that would be to travel the potty from room to room, keep the toddler in diapers when you are out in public and put on underwear or training pants inside of the house. Stop all drinks at an early time like 7 or 8 PM.


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