How to Relax in 3 simple steps

I use a lot of products daily in my life with multiples and a toddler. Occasionally I review those products and get paid for my review. Rest assured, all thoughts are my true and honest opinion.

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Everyone knows that a mothers work is never done. In fact, mothering or parenting for that matter is a 24/8 job! (Yes, I know that there are only seven days in a week.) My point being, if there were eight days in the week, moms would work that day too! What’s funny is that sometimes we work so hard making sure that our kids are taken care of that we forget ourselves. At that point we are no longer capable to even do our best for them. How easy is it though to get lost in the sauce of parenthood? How many of you have forgotten yourself? Sometimes driving until the wheels fall off or the car is sputtering for dear life with no gas in the tank? We have all done this or at least I know I have been guilty. 


I decided a long time ago after my daughter was born that stressing was apart of the job. My participation in her life however was a definite requirement. Stressing is something we will do enough for our kids in their lifetime alone. That is why a little re-charge from time to time is so important. Now, do not get me wrong stress is healthy and not completely preventable but manageable to a degree. Personally, I have found that when managed correctly you are a beast of a parent because you have more to give. My longevity as a parent for me is key.

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All of these steps can be used in conjunction with one another or done separately. Either way they help me relax and re-charge when I need to. Here are 3 simple steps to relax. Enjoy!


1 – Take a hot shower

Refresh. Taking time to yourself does not mean you have to go and stay away from your kids for weeks at a time. It’s in the simple things that we can get relief to keep moving forward. One energizing activity is to take a hot shower. This gives you at least 15-20 minutes without the kids or spouse. Personally, this is a spiritual ritual for me because I am alone with my thoughts. Insert, village here. Meaning, your support group whether that is a spouse, a family member, or a friend can give you some temporary relief and takeover for you until you get back.

2- Exfoliate

Re-energize. Minimize the stress in your life and take a little time for yourself at least once a week. Wash away all of the dead and old things in your life (figuratively and spiritually) and embrace the new. Exfoliating helps slough away dead skin and helps to get blood flowing. It makes me feel luxurious because my skin ends out feeling soft as silk. My mind is clear and my skin is super soft! So, believe me when I tell you that this is my favorite step.

3- Give yourself a pedicure… Sort of!

Pedi-scrub. My general rule of thumb is to exfoliate and use a foot file at least once a week. Taking care of yourself let alone making time for a shower can be tough, especially when you have little ones. The way that I do this is to prep for my shower by laying everything out in the restroom ahead of time. This usually saves me tons of time whether that is seconds or minutes. Once I am ready to shower it’s, ready to go. When I get out I grab the foot file and take about 2 minutes scaling away the dry skin on my feet. After, I am done I simply sweep up the dead skin and toss it. That’s it and that’s all!Minimal cost and your feet will thank you. Now, it’s your turn to try the steps and see how much better you feel.



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