Bed Rest Survival Kit

I use a lot of products daily in my life with multiples and a toddler. Occasionally I review those products and get paid for my review. Rest assured, all thoughts are my true and honest opinion.

During my last pregnancy I was restricted to the confines of my humble abode. It was unexpected and very challenging at the very least. My doctor decided that I needed to be home from work until it was time for me to deliver my twins, so I was. The dynamics that made my situation particularly interesting were two things: my one year old, Moriah and we were in the process of moving into our new place. I had to orchestrate things with my pointer finger and sit down every few seconds. My belly was huge and I was tired just from taking a few steps around the house. Imagine not being able to pick up your one year old which is still very much so a baby. Think about not being able to help set things up in a place you call your own. Your best friends are the bed, the couch, Hulu and Netflix.


Rules of Engagement


That leaves sleep, TV, and Facebook. Seriously though, taking this lightly could result in injury up to death with you or your baby/babies. By the way you can also be placed on bed rest at the hospital. It is called the antepartum unit. Some people stay there for weeks at a time until they have their babies to reduce risks of miscarriage and serious health issues. I spent three days there and was hospitalized throughout my pregnancy and was freaked out. So, ladies if the doctor says slow down or relax, take their word for it or you could be laid up until your baby arrives. Here is the Bed Rest Survival Kit for Housebound Mamas! Enjoy.

1-TRIBE. Non-Optional Support System

It takes a village! Constantly, I endorse family and exercising your resources if they are options. I realize that everyone has different family dynamics and involvement with their own families. If you have friends, family members, church family, mentors, and/or significant others utilize them as resources, they love helping, I promise! My own family and Emmanuel’s family helped us a lot. They helped us get moved, did the cooking, cleaning, driving, they helped with Moriah and much more! It is important that you let them be your strength to reduce your own stress and risk to you and your baby/babies. Just think, this is only temporary and once it is over you can get back to life as you know it.

Local Wal-Mart delivers!

2-Home Delivery

One of the concerns that I had when I was home was how I would get simple everyday toiletries and food. My mom actually was the one to start ordering groceries and toiletries to my house for me. Tom Thumb brought the groceries and Wal-Mart sent the toiletry items. What I like about each is that it was convenient for me to just think about putting the groceries away rather than how I would get things home. Tom Thumb brought the groceries and what I liked about that was that I could choose a window for them to deliver my groceries. This helped me still be able to go to my appointments in between.

  • Walmart will send non-perishables to you through the mail, Fed Ex, or UPS.
  • Tom Thumb will deliver groceries right to your door! They have a service fee of about $8 or $9 but by the time you get into your car, drive to the store, bring the groceries home, unload, and put away groceries you have spent that or more. In my case I would be out of more money and in violation of my bed rest restraints. (Also, they will give you a chance to get a free delivery if you do a survey on the service.)

This is also good option for people who may have or take care of people with disabilities and are unable to leave their homes or lift heavy things.


This one is obvious but if it isn’t clear entertainment for me at that time was watching TV and going to the doctor every other day. The computer, internet, and phone helped keep me sane and independent of straining myself to get what I needed. From the home delivery options to the internet connection that helped me surf Facebook and watch Netflix and Hulu episodes and series everyday. Definitely a must to help you survive the short stint of bed rest!





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