My Inspirational IKEA Trip

I use a lot of products daily in my life with multiples and a toddler. Occasionally I review those products and get paid for my review. Rest assured, all thoughts are my true and honest opinion.

A few weeks ago, I went to IKEA to accompany one of my friends in buying a bed for her son. We arrived at 9 in the morning with both her kids and husband in tow. I tagged along because recently, I purchased my mama van (mini-van) and she was not sure that their car would be able to accomplish the task of picking up a bed for their son and avoid a pricey delivery charge. What’s funny is that I had no idea that this paradise home center was well mapped out like an amusement park of a sort. It was for the grown ups to come and find inspiration for their everyday lives at home. Each piece seemed like it had found a home in IKEA and set up shop to be chosen by or inspire its perfect buyer.

salmon dishes for you to try!-11

This was quite the experience personally, just because I had never been inside. It also seemed that the designs of each piece were well mastered for people who were going through everyday life needed good aesthetics to add to the home. My friends decided to pick up the bed because the delivery fee was a little on the steep side, especially for it to be being shipped within the same city, but hey I get it. People were coming from near and far to come shop here. So I started out by looking at the “Kids” section. This is really what I think sealed the deal for me but there was so much stuff here. I found educational toys, home decor, storage solutions, kitchen aids, cookware/utensils, furniture, and home essentials. Everything also seemed to be very reasonably priced, which for a parent is never a bad idea. Check out some of the things I found and things I bought on my IKEA safari trip! Some of the links are included. Enjoy!



salmon dishes for you to try!.png


Kids counting toy. It has 10 of the same color bulbs on each metal line, totaling 100. Things don’t always have to be expensive or technology enriched for a kid to learn problem solving and motor skills. So, I bought one of these for my daughter because we think it is important for her to always be learning, even when she is playing. This is something we are using to aid her in learning how to count. What better way to do it while she gets to play. She likes it so far, hopefully it will be a favorite for a little while.

salmon dishes for you to try!-15

Ice pop maker

Summertime is right around the corner! This popsicle mold is perfect for making your own natural sweet treats for your kids. My babies are all around the teething stages and this is something that makes it fun and it can also be healthy, depending on what you put in it. I have done this before with low fat yogurt. So whether you have teething babies or want to offer an alternative to overly sugary snacking, this is a cool utensil.


Children’s Potty

I liked the sleek design, color, and versatility of this children’s potty. It can be separated into two parts and purchased that way if you already have one or the other part at home. The price seemed very reasonable considering that the average potty chair can run $15-$25.

Play Kitchen

This is a cute little replica of mommy’s kitchen. Your toddler could work in their kitchen while you work in yours! The kitchen costs about $100. While there are all types of play kitchens available everywhere this seems to be the median range in price. When checking around I noticed that the more real that the kitchen looks it also seems to cost more. There were also a variety in the number of pieces. The kitchens with less food items and kitchenware were as low as $30-$55. Other kitchens went for as much as $165 and had more kitchenware and food items.

Hanging Organizer/Storage Containers

Organization in a kids world seems like a moot point to try and make but it’s worth it. This is especially important when you have more kids because it keeps toys from being everywhere. Moriah loves to help and is in the stage of “helping.” When she sees something on the floor or  us cleaning up she will bring it to you, throw it away, or put it where it belongs. Now, keep in mind she is still a baby and so some things end up in mommies purse or a hamper somewhere but hey, she likes to help.

These containers and organizers were all attractive and very colorful, this is great for kids and again the prices didn’t make me cringe. The hanging organizer pictured above had 18-20 pouches and large digital numbers on the front of each pouch. Awesome solution for toys, artwork, game pieces, and books. Priced at $7.99 this is a great organization solution for kids and in helping parents keep things off of the floor. Check out IKEA’s children’s toy storage for more organization combos and solutions.

salmon dishes for you to try!-18


The chalkboard or easel at IKEA is something that I saw and considered for Moriah since she loves drawing and coloring. It has a matching stool for an additional $18.

The bed that my friends ended up getting for their son was about $160 for the whole set. Overall, it seems that IKEA inspires some cool, conventional home solutions for the whole family. I will be back!






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