Minivan or SUV?

Minivans used to make me think of a magic Mary Poppins character. A cookie-making, homemaker with a family dog that takes everyone home after soccer practice. Mama-van people seemed to me like the multi-tasking all knowing creatures that in a way were living the life.  A life that I personally pictured having in a 4-door SUV. (A Chevy Tahoe to be exact!) I thought that once I started a family that this would be my transportation solution for sure.

The first time I took my first daughter Moriah to the doctor we had a small 4-door Kia Spectra. It barely held her car seat, the baby bag, and my purse. I figured then I needed to upgrade. When my twins were born life in a 4-door car seemed to go right out of the window. I started thinking about where everyone would sit, how they would be safe, and selfishly enough how cool I would look driving said car.

A cookie-making, homemaker with a family dog that takes everyone home after soccer practice.

Buying a new car

My process of getting a new car had several moving components included. Cash car, spacious enough for all of the kids (and Emmanuels long legs), reliability, and again how cute I would look driving. Everyone offered us an opinion of how to choose a car for our growing family. Some said 3rd row seating SUV’s and others told us to get ready for the mama van.

The Cash Car Experience

A cash car is a car that you purchase with a lump sum of money rather than paying a car note every month under a financed contract. We considered that we needed a newer vehicle to decrease the likelihood of repeat repairs. Looking at our monthly expenses made us ultimately choose this over a finance vehicle.

Seeing Dollar Signs

I really wanted to get an SUV but another thing that is important to point out is that they are a lot more expensive than minivans and they take more gas to run. Did I mention we needed to save as much money as possible?! This made dollar signs circle my head like a cartoon that had just been hit with an anvil over the head.

Note: My van only takes about $25 or $30 to fill up and is pretty good on gas so I think we chose wisely.


Minivan or SUV?

Now, I would choose my van every time! Something I dreaded so much is now one of the best things that could have happened to my family and I. I have enough room for each of us and all of our stuff. I don’t feel like the kids are unsafe, and I look cute driving it! Choosing a cash car also saves us lots of headaches.  Definitely a smart buy!

Going to the hospital and finding out that twins were in our near future made these thoughts a reality. Thinking everything didn’t fit in a tiny car for one kid. How will we fit for two more? I never imagined though that one day I would be a minivan driving mama. I always thought that the largest car that I would drive was a Chevy Tahoe. I thought that once I had a family that this would make for a nice family car and it was cute. What’s funny is that I had no idea that I would one day have twins making our family go from three to five!

Purchasing a new vehicle for your newly large family? Which one did you choose? Minivan or SUV? Tell me on Twitter @BrittneyIwegbu


How To Make a Luxurious Body Scrub

In a previous post I made mention of using a body scrub to relax. In my opinion there are a few benefits to using scrubs. When I exfoliate with the scrub it makes my skin super soft by removing the dead/dry skin. Also, usually I add oil to the mixture and that helps add moisture. Once I get out my skin feels like satin and I feel completely relaxed.

I scrub maybe once or twice a week on my face and body. Mainly, I use my body scrubs while I am in the shower. This way I can kill two birds with one stone. I get to take care of myself and re-energize for my family.

The two scrubs that I typically do are sugar and salt. I have heard about using coffee grounds (non-instant) for scrubs but honestly I have never used that method. Normally, I use the sugar for my face and lips because it’s softer and the salt on my body.

minivan vs. suv-3.png

I like to do projects with everything: food, arts & crafts, and anything that helps to improve my daily productivity. One day I went to Ann’s Health Food Store in Dallas to search out body scrubs. I had bought a few scrubs before at Sephora and loved them! They were just a little more pricey than I wanted to pay for at about $30 or $40 a pop. I figured that at that rate the way that I was using them I would have to buy one every week making it a little over $100 a month. After I began going to the health food store I saw that they had different healthy alternatives to eating and most of the things you could eat could also be used on your body. That made me a believer so I have been there since looking for natural, healthy alternates to use in my home.

Note: Body scrubs are salt and/or sugar with an oil added. I use sea salt or brown sugar for each of my scrubs.

minivan vs. suv-4.png

What you need:

Essential Oil(s)

Any type of oil will work honestly but my favorite is vitamin e oil. The higher the number means more moisture. When I run out of that I just use baby oil until I can get back to the store.

Sea Salt or Sugar

I use light brown sugar and honey for my lips (S/O to my sister, Tiara for that recipe) but brown sugar and oil on my face. This is because sugar is more gentle on the skin than salt. Since the skin on the face is not as thick as it is on the body I use that to gently exfoliate my face. Use about 4 tablespoons.

Note: The sea salts that I use come mostly from health food stores. My favorites are eucalyptus or rose pedals. They both smell nice and like I said they make my skin really soft.


(1) Small Bowl or Container

(1) Spatula or Plastic Spoon

(1-2) TSP of Oil


In a small bowl mix about 4-5 tablespoons of sea salt or sugar and oil together in a bowl and with a spatula until the components stick together. You don’t want to put too much oil in but just enough to absorb the salt or sugar. Otherwise, it will be too greasy.

Once mixed, jump into the shower, massage the mixture onto your skin, and rinse. You should feel immediate results! Enjoy.

I am forever searching for ideas! My gift to you is here! Some ideas on how to make your own low-cost body scrubs. They work as great gifts too. Check it out!

Mom Feature of The Week – Shanee’ M.

“Fulfillment is not in my career but my family. That is number one, then everything else!” -Shanee’ M.

This weeks mom is Shanee’, an on-the-go working mom, wife, and business owner. She talks to us about fostering encouraging messages in your children, her philosophies as a mom, and the importance of having a tribe to make things run smoothly. Shanee’ offers us the perfect example of a mom on the go who like many others perform a daily balancing act to run their homes and careers all at the same time. Check out her interview. Enjoy!

Shanee Moore.png

Q: What do you love about being a mom?

“Everything! I love having so much to give to my daughters. There are so many ways that you can show love to your kids from discipline to compassion to affection, it’s limitless.” 

Q: Any advice for a first time mom?

I want her to know that she is good enough and that she can do it! We are so hard on ourselves and what we have to remember is that we can do nothing alone. 

Involve your childs father or your husband from the day of birth. Don’t dictate the way that they are allowed to help. Encourage them to form a bond and let them know that whatever they do to contribute is right just because they are there.

Hug your kids and love on your kids while they are kids because they won’t stay that way forever!

Shanee Moore-2
Shanee and Tribe: Left to right – Aliya (3), Jabari (Shanee’s husband), Alauna (5), Shanee, and Rosalind (Shanee’s mom)
Look how cozy! It’s Jabari and Shanee’

Q: Share one of your current parenting principals?

Compassion is a big principal that my husband and I are teaching our girls. They are learning to be grateful and to help others. They always want to know what they can do to make the lives of others better. We even have talks about bullying and standing up for others. They are my super girls. 


Q: Tell us about your “Tribe”? Why is it important for you to have a good support system?

“Jabari , my husband and my mom, Rosalind have been a driving force in my success. My husband has always been influential in helping bring out my confidence and the abilities that God gave me. My mom is so loving and helpful with whatever we need. Truly, without that support a lot of what I have been able to do would not have been possible.” 

(Left) Aliya – 3 Years Old (Right) Alauna – 5 Years Old

“They look out for each other. If someone is giving one of them something and the other is not there, they ask for an extra for their sister.”

Q: What do you do to make your girls feel beautiful?

Every single solitary day we tell them that they are beautiful. We also ask them do they feel beautiful. Since we don’t want them to be all about vanity we make sure to validate them as well. We tell them how smart they are and praise them for qualities that they exhibit. 

Q: What advice would you give a mom attempting to start her own business?


“Utilize your Tribe! Personally, my husband and my mom have been rocks for my success. I could have done nothing without the two of them. ” 

“My philosophies of motherhood include raising God-fearing young women.” -Shanee’ M.

Q: Any final pieces of advice?

Expose your children to people who are less fortunate. To further build the compassion piece this has really aided us in parenting our girls. Seeing these things encourages them to want to do more for others.

Want more from Shanee?

Currently, serving as a light to others during their storms, Shanee’ owns a virtual assistant consulting firm. Lighthouse Consulting Group, assists various popular guest speakers in curriculum management, editing their promotional materials, and content development, all at an affordable cost!

“My aunt Renee’ Bass that passed away in 2003 of Pancreatic Cancer served on my tribe for years. She taught me the foundations and cornerstones to what is now my business.  She gave me a phenomenal woman to model myself after in life and business.  For this I am forever grateful.

Need a consultant? Message Shanee’ at





Soothing A Teething Baby

In my most recent article I talked about teething very briefly. Let’s be honest watching your kids be hurt, sad, or upset really tugs on you as a parent. Teething can cause temperatures and irritability in your baby. Moriah now has most all of her teeth and has been done teething for a few months. It was tough with her though because unlike a lot of her one year old counterparts her teeth didn’t start coming until after her first birthday. She experienced several teeth coming in at the same time. Honestly, it seems like she woke up with all of her teeth one day! During the process I was all over the internet trying to find natural ways outside of medicine to help her. Sometimes her mouth would swell and she would run a temperature. The first few times it scared me and she seemed to be so miserable. She would cry and cry some nights and sometimes all night because she was in so much pain. This piece was inspired by Moriah’s teething blues! Below I have listed a few simple tricks to help relieve and soothe your teething baby. Enjoy!


1- Baby Orajel – Extra Strength

Baby orajel helps because it is a numbing agent. I bought two kinds: one for daytime and one for nightime. Both were extra strength and if you get the twin pack at target it’s around $4 or $5. Moriah would cry and hold her cheeks until I would put orajel on her gums. It seemed to help her deal with the pain.

The active ingredient in both is called Benzocaine. It is a stronger dose in the night time at 10% whereas the daytime strength is 7.5%.

Note: According to Benzocaine is a topical local anesthetic (numbing medication) that works by blocking nerve signals. It goes on to say that it can be used for several things including but not limited to reduce pain and discomfort caused by minor skin irritations and our topic today, teething!

22- Crushed Ice/Popsicles

The good thing is that ice melts. I used it to help numb Moriah’s mouth. I gave her crushed up pieces of ice that melted a few seconds after hitting her tongue. If you want to avoid using any type of medication ice helps
a lot. Be sure to crush the ice into tiny enough pieces that will melt on contact and not get stuck in your baby’s throat. This is definitely a choking hazard if you don’t pay close attention by doing those things first and then watching them while they eat it.

3- Frozen face towel

Another natural way to relieve your baby is to use a frozen face towel. You can use an average size face towel but I used one of my baby’s bath towels. That was a little more of a better fit for her because her mouth is small. I found this hack online but had used it before during breastfeeding. I’ll tell that story another day though!

Quick Guide:

Wet a small face towel, place it inside a ziplock bag, let it freeze, and when it’s ready take it out and let your baby suck on it. Natural and safe!

***Note: I wouldn’t do this with a color towel just because of the dye that they could suck out of it.

no bpa

4- Teething rings

You can pick up a teething ring virtually anywhere! Grocery stores, Dollar stores, and Superstores. So the point with the teething rings are that they have this gel or liquid in them. These go into the freezer until the liquid hardens or freezes. Try to look for the non-BPA products. BPA was discovered in the 60’s. says that BPA stands for bisphenol A. There are conflicted views of whether BPA is harmful or not. The article I found says that typically, BPA is found in plastics, food cans, and containers for food. Check out the Mayo Clinic BPA article for yourself and do a little research on the subject.

Bonus: Frozen Carrots 

no bpa-2Some people told me to try whole frozen carrots because babies can’t swallow them and they can suck on them to be soothed. Personally, I never tried this but several of my mom friends swear by it. Try it and let me know how it works!  Find me on   Twitter @BrittneyIwegbu

Avoid breaking the bank with your 1st baby

Recently, I was a source to a reporter writing a book about first time mom budgeting tips. Trying to avoid breaking the bank can be tricky when you don’t know entirely what to expect when you are expecting! (I have all of those books!!) Below is my submission that I sent in. Check it out and give me feedback and some of your suggestions to save bank on Twitter! (@BrittneyIwegbu)

Cheap Places totravel on your-2

Hi my name is Brittney. I am a mother of 3 children and a lifestyle blogger who lives in Dallas, Texas. In my blog I speak a lot to first time mothers, parents with several children, parents of children under the ages of 5, and moms with experience in multiple births. Every Monday, I feature first time moms and also to moms with more tenure in the mom game. They tell us the advice that they would give to other first time moms. Added bonuses include weekly DIY projects and parent hacks.

Baby Budget Tip #1

One piece of advice that I would give a first time mom is that all the gadgets and cutsie baby clothes are not necessary. Reason being that newborns grow so fast, meaning that they will miss some clothes if you have too many. I would advise them not to get a lot of clothes for their baby until at least the 6-9 and 9-12 months sizes. (These are the sizes that they will be in for a while.) Until then just keep them in simple onesies or sleepers because typically doctors orders are that babies don’t go out around large crowds for at least 6-8 weeks. This is due to baby’s lack of immunity to diseases.
My daughter missed so many 0-3 and 3-6 month outfits because everyone bought so much of those sizes. Ultimately, I ended up having to give away a lot of things.

Baby Budget Tip #2

Cheap Places totravel on your-3Second, push through the pain of breastfeeding and just do it. It will save you so much money! I was able to breast feed my daughter until she was 11 months old. Part of the time she used formula because it started as a real struggle for me. The happy part is that I just kept trying and ended up being able to do it. I can only imagine how much more that I could have saved if I would have solely done breastfeeding. FYI: This tip can save you money just in the aspect of the cost of formula, which is $18-$25 per can.


*Save Your Money For What You Need!

Things you actually need…

Here I would like to mention a few things that first time parents actually need. Just because fevers, diaper rash, and sickness are inevitable!
(Now, remember I am not a doctor or medical professional and therefore I cannot provide medical advice. This information is based on my own experiences and cannot be used to outline anyone else’s medical diagnosis.)


Note: If your baby runs a temperature, call a doctor! They will tell you what to do.
Babies can run temperatures and you want to make sure you have one! It doesn’t have to be fancy but working. Temperatures are typically due to teething or a vaccination recently given. It is important to be able to keep track of their temperature if it gets too high. This is to let the doctor know if you need to go to the hospital in an emergency.

2-A&D Ointment, Desitin, or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

There are various different creams and diaper rash ointment on the market. Personally, we use A&D Ointment and Destin. I have never used the Butt Paste but have heard good things. Diaper rash happens all the time. It helps moisturize their bums and normally when I use either one it clears up within a day or so.

3-Children’s Motrin or Children’s Tylenol

As I mentioned before, baby’s get fevers from teething often (well at least my baby did.) Children’s Motrin and Tylenol are fever reducers. I was not a big fan of using medication on my baby and tried a lot of alternatives to soothe her. When I did use the fever reducer it wasn’t until I contacted my doctor. On that note, please contact your doctor for dosage information and recommendations.


Mom Feature of The Week – Jasmine A.

“She’s just such a happy baby!”

This weeks mom is Jasmine, a stay at home mom and wife to 9 month old, Skyler. Jasmine and her husband Grady have a photography business that often features their daughter in several of their marketing materials. She comes to us this week to encourage mothers to try again after an unsuccessful first pregnancy. While juggling the feat of motherhood she is also currently attending school to be a pediatric nurse. Jasmine offers us a great example of trial after great defeat! She talks to us about being about her philosophies of motherhood and views of success as a mom. Welcome Jasmine to the mom party! Enjoy.


Q: What is unique about your mothering experience that you would like to share and how can it help others?

I had an abortion at the age of 16 years old. It filled me with regret and depression. My advice is to consider adoption because that is life in your hands. It will help you to avoid the negative impacts on your life. It is important to remember that if you have gone down this road already that you can try again. What helped me was to talk to others about it but at times it is still a little difficult to discuss. 

Q: What phase is she in currently and what is your method of tracking milestones?

I use an app called Baby Center, that tells me what she should be doing. There is also a program for first time mothers that I am apart of called Nurse Family Partnership. I also take pictures and videos. The app is typically right, I just watch to see how accurate it will be and if she will do those things. It’s been pretty spot on. 

Skyler has a few recent milestones: teething and getting her first tooth, standing up on her own, and saying “mama!” 

Jasmine, her busband Grady, and their daughter Skyler (9 months old)


Skyler, 9 months

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love being a mom because I get to love on her with kisses and hugs. She has a very playful spirit, it energizes me! 


Q: What makes you feel like a success as a mom?

It makes me to feel successful as a mom just to be able to be there for her. There to teach her and play with her. I want to be there to give her advice on what to do. Just being there makes me a success.

Q: Do you have any last advice to other 1st time moms?

Always, always, always ask for help because its easy to say you don’t want the help so that you can do it yourself, but others can help you. Listening to people that have kids or more life experience can give you a broader perspective on how to make the best decisions for you. My advice, get all the help you can!


Want More From Jasmine???

Check out her family’s business website or catch up with them on social media!



When Toddlers Attack!! Funny Mom Stories


My toddler, Moriah is always doing something hilarious. She keeps me laughing and on my toes. The thing is that when things are happening at the time, it may not seem too funny or maybe it is. Either way it ends up being something you look back on and smile. Recently, one of our funny moments inspired me to write about the experience. I also decided to put out a call for all of my mom friends to tell me funny stories and antidotes about being a mom or things that their kids did! There were some really funny ones. The one that took that cake was one about a toddler who ate his own poo! This got me thinking that there are always endless moments that kids will have as they continue to grow. Today, I will feature my very own funny mom story and how we got through it.

First, let me just say that I love lip color. I am experimenting with purples and browns at the moment and typically I keep my colors out of easily accessible reach of Moriah. She has gotten her hands on my lipsticks and glosses before and so to avoid lipstick being everywhere they are tucked up up and away! The stage that Moriah is currently in is a stage I call “tipping”. This is where she stands on her tip toes and pulls things that are high up down or out of their nested location. This could be from the counter, the table, or dresser drawers. So, everyday she is growing and getting taller, meaning things have to go back farther until she is no longer interested in experimenting with everyday items. Being a parent has made me very mindful of what is where and how far back it has to be for her NOT to reach it. It’s actually very cool, almost like a sixth sense or spidey senses.

Motherhood is a different world all its own.

One day she decided that she wanted to wear lipstick too with a permanent marker that she pulled off of my desk. As I mentioned, the marker was dark bluish purple and was very much so permanent. So, FYI my toddler is like a super ninja baby spy that’s like a puma or cheetah quick in grabbing stuff to experiment with it. This was one of those situations because I looked up, there she was (marker in hand) and her lips were blue. Literally! What do you say? OMG your lips are blue?!? Why did you do this?!? How will we get this off?!? All questions that were asked.

1st try – Warm washcloth, no soap. So, my mom suggests we use a warm washcloth. Why? Well we could have tried something harsher but for the possibility of her sensitive skin having a negative impact water was just the first thought. What was surprising was that the marker was non-toxic and rubbed off super easily and with no irritation to her skin. Okay, so what did we learn ladies and gentlemen?? Permanent markers are no exception for things that little kids will stay away from. Oh yeah and keep a readily available supply of water handy! Luckily she didn’t eat it so we’re good. She is out of that stage and I don’t have to police the floor anymore for random objects lying around! All I can say is that day by day, motherhood is always an adventure all its own.

Do you have a funny story about your kids?? Share it with me and keep the convo going! Multiplesandatoddler @BrittneyIwegbu on Twitter

How to Organize a Closet for Multiples and a Toddler

Incase you didn’t notice I have three children. I talk a lot about the village and well that consists of many key people in my life. My mom taught me this system to use that helps me keep things moving smoothly around the house. Today, I am going to teach you a few of those tools! Enjoy.


1-6-Drawer Organizers

These can be found anywhere from your local Dollar Store or Wal-Mart. I ordered mine from Wal-Mart during my time on bed rest and got them set up before the twins arrived. Setup is literally removing the tape from the drawers and placing wheels on the bottom for them to be portable. Since my floors are vinyl (which makes clean up easier than having carpet with a lot of kids) I prefer not to use the wheels making for stationary organizers because I didn’t want them rolling around everywhere. You can get 3, 5, or 6 drawer organizers. The one with 6 drawers gives me space for little things that may not take up a lot of space.

Personally, I also have a stationary changing table with three drawers and an open area for storage. Here is where I keep extra blankets, wipes, and diapers. This was an investment and mainly for storage but is not necessary for everyone. We just needed tons of storage so this has worked well for us.


Labels seem so cliche and honestly they may be. For our family they are the staples that keep our household running. It gives us time to keep our attention on what really matters, the babies. We don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to find things to help us take care of them but rather to rely on the labels to just tell us where everything is straight away. Moriah and the twins have separate organizers and so when I go in to grab something for any of them I check the label. I use labels for the things that I use often or that I have a lot of. For instance, onesies, washcloths, burp cloths, bibs, socks etc.

3-Spring Rods

Spring rods are good for more than just hanging your shower curtain! These you can get from any Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, Big Lots. Anywhere. So, the closet in our girls’ room is long but width wise its a bit dense. Here is where the rods come in. I ordered two or three and put them up in the closet in the opposite direction of the actual racks in the closet. On these racks are larger clothes that hang and they are organized by sizes from smallest to largest. These are mostly my toddler, Moriah’s clothes but also some of the larger clothes that the twins can’t where yet.

Mom Feature of the Week – Jordan K.

“Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!”

Jordan, classically trained vocalist and Oklahoma native has been performing on the poetry circuit in Dallas for years. Often lending background vocals to professional artists in the DFW area, she also frequents the Balcony Club in Dallas. She recently moved back to Oklahoma to have her baby and stopped by during her visit back to Dallas. She comes to us as our first guest to ever Go Live, while doing her interview! This cool cat is the first time mommy to Jahki, a handsome 12 week old baby boy. Jordan shares her philosophies as a mom, tells us how to integrate a new baby into the life you currently live, and how not to lose yourself in motherhood. She is the perfect example of a mommy who began as a professional creative, who now immerses her baby her craft. She sings, writes, and teaches in the community and brought some cool baby gear along!

Coming Soon!

Check out Jordan’s interview clips on our You Tube channel at

Jordan, Jahki’s mom, singer, poet, and vocal instructor

Q: Favorite things about being a mom

One of my favorite things about being a mom is that to him I am absolutely perfect. I have no flaws and he doesn’t care if my rent was late this month or that we don’t have enough gas in the car. All he cares about is that his needs are met within me.

Q: How did your baby change your life?

I am a true believer that we choose our parents and when he chose me to be his mom, he knew that everything was going to be okay. I had him when I was 29, it totally changed my life for the better. I know what unconditional love is now!

Jahki, 12 weeks old

Q: Give us some of your mothering philosophies?

One thing that I am on the look out for because I believe that baby’s are our pure portals to the angels, God, and all things sacred and holy. When his energy says mama I don’t think we should be here then I am definitely going to take heed to that because they are sensitive to those things. I allow his actions and feelings to guide my own.

Q: How did things change for you when you became a mom?

As far as people, places, and things. I can’t do things that I used to do. Im a doer and a goer. Going to open mics has been one of the major things that I couldn’t do. I remember he was probably about 7 weeks old and mom encouraged me to get out and do something. I put on a skirt, earrings, and bracelets and I was like yeeeees, Jordan is back! I actually feel like Jordan again! That is the most that it has changed for me. But we got Baby Banz headphones now and he can go with me.

Last week we were at the Balcony Club in Dallas. It’s an open mic with live music. They have a live band and I sang for the first time with my baby wearing (his Baby Banz). He was so chill on stage. 


Q: What are Baby Banz?

Baby Banz are noise blockers. 

I am a singer, poet, and vocal instructor. We are getting back into the swing of things and these allow us to do that. We can go into poetry venues and mommy can spit and we can go into song venues and mommy can sing and still feel like mommy. When mommy can do her thing baby can eat.

Baby Banz, Noise Blocking headphones for babies! Jordan uses these when she sings onstage in public venues with her baby in tow!!
Copy of end ofseasonsale!
Jahki, looking cool in his baby sunglasses! Baby Banz!!

Q: Tell us about your baby’s personality

He is the chillest kid ever! The only time he cries is when he is hungry or wet. He’s an observer. I know that he is an old soul because he just watches and studies people.

Patience, I used to say is a virtue that I don’t fully possess yet but he’s taught me that. 

Q: How are you tracking your baby’s milestones?

There is a group called “Wonder Weeks” on Facebook. There is also an app for Wonder Weeks that tells you different leaps that your baby will make.

The app tells you about different leaps that your baby goes through. I also have a notebook for him that tells him about our discoveries. Like discovering his tongue or the day he found his hands. It tells you why baby might be expereincing certain things and explains in milestones they are making.

Jahki, is currently in the events leap, where we are he is learning different events like: bath time, bedtime

Milestone photo: Jahki, featured in Sewn Legacy Baby Apparel! Check out that bow tie!!


Q: Do you have any general advice for moms?

One of the best pieces of advice was to incorporate the baby into my life not to make your life all about the baby because often times as mothers we lose ourselves in being with the baby. You know you’re at the house and its been 6 days since you had a shower or put makeup on and haven’t felt like yourself. Stay being yourself as much as possible. The same way you grow, evolve, and change daily so does your baby. Adapting to that and making it cohesive for your own life to make it gel is crucial.

Want more from Jordan and Jahki???

Check out her full interview this week on our You Tube Channel

Jordan tells us about the origin of Jahki’s name, “Baby Light”, and how Jahki has become the live in model of baby apparel to Sewn Legacy, a family owned custom quilting company. The brand features custom onesies,  reversible burp clothes, portable changing pad pouches and more!!

Company Website –

Instagram – 

Facebook Business Page –

Copy of end ofseasonsale!-2.png

“Cultivating Life” at the Farmers Market! Part I

I use a lot of products daily in my life with multiples and a toddler. Occasionally I review those products and get paid for my review. Rest assured, all thoughts are my true and honest opinion.

Last week I visited the Dallas Farmers Market for the first time. My friend and I had worked up an appetite after we moved some of her last things into her new place. What is interesting about the Farmers Market is that each day is different from the last. This is just because Farmers bring their produce and products to the Market daily. All of these products are organic and fresh from the farm.


Frequently called Market 2, The Market, or The Market Shops, we visited a majority of the restaurants at the Farmers Market to sample what they had to offer before everything closed. Believe me, we will be back to explore the rest soon!

One of the things that I am currently interested in is finding recipes and preparing tasteful, healthy meal choices for my family. This became something that I wanted to do shortly after having my first daughter because I was breastfeeding. I knew that everything I was eating would affect her and I wanted to make good choices. The need to do this has grown even stronger especially after having a brief brush with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. But hey, that’s another story for another day. The point is that seeking out healthy activities and recipes helps them to stay healthy and me to stay healthy enough to keep up!

Dallas Farmers Market – Having some fun!

Short rant: There are so many foods that we consume every day that are processed because either we have convenient access to them and/or they cost less. Personally, my thing is to incorporate healthy choices to teach good eating habits for my own kids. This is for their health, the longevity of their life, and to feel good while they are living it.

In my opinion, continuing to eat unhealthy 24/7 and 365 days a year, makes you an easy target for developing health conditions. Again, I am not a doctor so I cannot provide medical observations or advice. I can only speak from my own experiences and encounters. I understand that everyone has different circumstances so please do what works best for you and your family.

So, don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that eating some of these things is bad. It just becomes bad when that is all we eat and there is little to no nutritional value. I know we all know what the bad foods are but how Farmers Market is making a change in the community is by their motto of “Cultivating Life!” Giving us choices that could prolong our existence. Everything that I tried was both delicious and fresh. The Dallas Farmers Market is open 7 days a week! Check out Pt. I of my Farmers Market trip!

Food & Treats


Cool Haus

Ice cream. My choice: Salted Caramel Yummmmmmm! This was organic and hand mixed. The clerk also told us that the flavors are switched weekly. So, they seem to have  a good variety of flavors but I tried the salted caramel ice cream. Sweet with a hint of salt and was an awesome marriage between salty and sweet. The combination was very creamy and softer than the typical ice creams at traditional creameries. This seemed to make it savory for just a little longer. Great flavor!



Traditional French cookie sandwiches. Macorons at Chelles were light, fluffy, with a hint of sweetness not to overbearing. Made with coconut flour opposed to enriched white flour, making them gluten free!! Monday is “Mac Monday” to buy 3 and get 1 free. So we sampled: Cappuccino, this was pretty good and enough to make me buy the other flavors. Note: I am not a huge coffee fan. On occasion a frappacino girl but definitely not a regular coffee drinker. We Bought – Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Lemon, Vanilla, and Fruity Pebbles. Lemon and Red Velvet are classic favorites for me but I was pleasantly surprised with Fruity Pebbles! If you need a quick sweet fix this is it, without the heavy sugar presence.


Doc Popcorn

Popcorn. Doc’s popcorn is popped and flavors are mixed right in front of you by hand at the Farmers Market. I sampled: “Denver mix” White Cheddar and Caramel together! It melted instantly. Definitely a strong competitor to the last great popcorn I tried from Chicago’s best popcorn company, Garrett’s.


Bella Trino’s Neapolitan Pizzeria at the Market

Pizzeria. One of my favorite things to eat is pizza. The cheese and the ingredients were so fresh that they were sliding off the pizza! It came hot and straight out of the oven. My choice: The Inferno (personal pizza). Similar to your traditional meat lovers pizza, with a variation of meats The Inferno was very juicy and the meat was very flavorful. This is not the kind of pizza you reheat and if you did it would have to be done in the stove. Otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice.



Vietnamese Fusion Food Truck. My friend, Shianne ate here. Here is what she thought. Her choice: Lemongrass chicken Rice bowl – Steamed white rice underneath chicken marinated in lemongrass and various other vietnamese seasonings. Red cabbage pickled carrots, daikon, and fresh cucumbers.

Q: How did it taste Shi??

It was a combo of sweet and savory and Umami flavor. The chicken was very tender and cooked to perfection. My pickled carrots were surprisingly one of the flavor highlights because it was sweet with a kick and a crunch.

Apparel and Shops



Dallas stand up! If you were never proud to be a Texan or a Dallas Native this little store will get you there! It features baby apparel, hats, unisex t-shirts and more! Our clerk @iamhonorj mentioned that their t-shirts don’t shrink. Why Brittney? Well, she explained that this is because the shirts are pre-shrunk. So, wash them as much as you want!

This is a great place to stop for a gift or souvenir  on your way in/out of town or just because you love your city! The shop offers a service to print labels on whatever scented candle you want to buy, including business printed labels! Great service and overall cool shop to visit. Hopefully, they get more baby stuff in soon but the fact that they already have kids apparel is pretty cool! Great service and overall experience!