Mom Feature of The Week – Jeanette M.

“I love my country life!”

Our mother of the week is Jeanette, a young housewife, mom to four kiddos, and business owner. She talks to us about a few of her favorite things in motherhood, transitioning from working to being a stay at home mom, and her mothering philosophies. Her children are (12) year old Nicholas, (9) year old Neveah, (3) year old Nia’mya, and (11) month old Avion. She is a great example of mothering children of separate age groups, integrating new little ones, and balancing a household all at the same time! Check out what she has to say! Enjoy. end ofseasonsale!-6

Q: How did you transition from being a working mom to a stay at home mom?

It was a challenge at first because I was still working. After my husband became the sole provider it was a little weird and adjusting was tough at first but eventually it grew on me. I actually began to love it because I was learning things about my younger kids that I didn’t get the chance to with my older kids because I was working. 

Q: How do you make it all work?

I get the older kids help me by helping the younger kids. For instance our oldest son Nick helps out a lot with all of the younger kids. He helps me by playing with his sisters and brother and sometimes even helps me put them to sleep. 

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Jeanette and her husband Jerome with two of their children Avion and Nia’mya.

Q: What were your expectations for your other kids acceptance of the new bab(ies)?

Nia’mya (3) year old 

When Nia’mya was born, I knew that my older children would take a new baby well because they had been asking for a sister. In fact they asked for her for Christmas. I think since they were older and could understand it helped when I explained that they were actually getting a sister, it just wasn’t for Christmas.

Avion (11 month old) 

When my youngest was born, I wasn’t sure about Niamya because she was younger and I didnt know how to explain that there would be another baby on the way. The way that I helped her was to help her form a bond with him through her bonding with my belly. This way she could talk to him and feel him move. She was not able to fully grasp the understanding of a new baby though. The older kids just hoped for a boy because we already had a baby girl. 

Q: What makes you feel like a success as a mom?

I feel like a success when my older kids are bringing home A’s and B’s. I also feel like a success when my younger children reach milestones and show developmentally that they are learning new things for the first time with their letters, colors, or motor skills. When I see them growing smarter and showing their intelligence I am proud as a mom. 

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Q: What are some of your mothering philosophies?

My husband and I are teaching our kids about manners and to respect others. Take it with you is what we tell them. We want them to be a reflection of their learning when they encounter people in public. So its important to us because if people see kids have home training then it shows that we as parents are doing something right at home. we teach them to treat respect others the same way that they would respect us. To be leaders and not followers but to be themselves.

Q: What advice would you give a first time mom?

Be brave! Every pregnancy is different. You have to learn on your own by reading and watching your own baby. Keep track of what your baby is doing in comparison to what books ands your doctor tell you based on their continuos development. Read more than just what you are told. 

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