Milestones: Tracking Your Baby’s Firsts

One of the things that I can say that I pride myself on is documenting my childrens’ milestones. It started with my oldest baby, Moriah. At my baby shower someone gave me a large pink wicker basket to keep all of her first things inside of. She also gave me a journal and told me to write down all of her first encounters in life. I think that this was the best piece of advice that I could have received, just because it made me really pay attention when she had new things happening. What’s funny is that there are things happening every second and if I don’t write them down they seem to slip my mind. Then again that’s why you have so many moments to cherish.

february 04, 2019-4
Easter Photoshoot – Moriah, April 2016

Write It Down

My suggestion for keeping track of milestones is to write things down. One reason is because I like to write (insert smile here) in real life. The other reason is because I wanted to make sure that Moriah would know me even if something were to happen to me. Definitely, a great decision! 

How to Journal for your babies

I was so obsessed about how I would write to her and if she would like what I said. Eventually, every time I thought of an idea I would try it and things just began to flow. Plus, the more that I wrote the more confident I became in my ability to be myself with my child. It showed me that this would be enough for her. So, how do you journal to your kids you ask? What do I say? Is there anything that I could say that my kids would be embarrassed about??

Let me just say that as parents, it’s in our DNA to embarrass our kids just on the love we show them in public alone, no matter how big they get. All in all they will get over it! Love them like parents should unapologetically because moments last exactly that long. 

General Milestones

One thing to remember is that all children are different. Keeping track of general milestones like first smile or the first time they crawl, walk, or babble out the words “mama” (hopefully, if dada hasn’t already won that battle!) is the main focus.  Basically, you want to write down things that have never happened to your child in his or her lifetime.

Extra entries: Dr. Appointments and Holidays

Appointments are extra entries to journal (Include the doctors notes of how much that they have grown or doctor suggestions in milestone progress.) This helped me see how much growth made since the last visit and it creates more memories. 

february 04, 2019-5


Photoshoots sometimes depend on weather conditions, kids temperament/attitude, your time spent, and your patience level. NOTE: Be sure to feed and change your baby before subjecting them to taking pictures for what could possibly be an hour or more.

One thing that I decided to do before Moriah was born was to buy a camera to capture her moments. Another great decision. Now I know that today’s technology on phones can offer the same quality and options but this was a decision I made. This is because personally photography is something that I have always been intrigued by. Again, you do not have to buy a camera to capture your baby’s milestones, do what works best for you and your family.

february 04, 2019-8

My first mommy DIY photoshoot was for Easter. Moriah had just gotten a new romper from her aunt “TT” and we had recently come back from Chicago where she had gotten a ton of clothes, an easter basket, and some really cute bunny ears! That did it for me, it was time for pictures!! At the time we had a huge tree in the front yard that was there since I was a kid and a wooden deck in the back yard. It was a pretty day outside so we took one of her blankets, her basket, and her bunny ears outside. Be conscious of the background but for the most part you just have to capture kids in their element because they are unpredictable. Cuteness will happen just keep shooting. We took a couple in the front near the trees and then some in back on the deck before she was tired and over it.

february 04, 2019-12

Final Notes

1-Trees are great props! 

Really anything is a good background as long as it does not have a lot of noise with it that will take away from your subject: (your muffin). 

2-Stay out of the shadows

Be aware of how the lighting is complimenting your baby. Moriah was facing the sun so that the shadows didn’t take away from her beautiful creamy hazelnut complexion. 

3-Use your child’s actual toys or belongings

Like I said, we used her blanket, the bunny ears, her easter basket with a few plastic eggs, and the clothes she got from her aunt. It makes the picture more of a real association with the milestone memories. 




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