Mom Feature of the Week – Jordan K.

“Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!”

Jordan, classically trained vocalist and Oklahoma native has been performing on the poetry circuit in Dallas for years. Often lending background vocals to professional artists in the DFW area, she also frequents the Balcony Club in Dallas. She recently moved back to Oklahoma to have her baby and stopped by during her visit back to Dallas. She comes to us as our first guest to ever Go Live, while doing her interview! This cool cat is the first time mommy to Jahki, a handsome 12 week old baby boy. Jordan shares her philosophies as a mom, tells us how to integrate a new baby into the life you currently live, and how not to lose yourself in motherhood. She is the perfect example of a mommy who began as a professional creative, who now immerses her baby her craft. She sings, writes, and teaches in the community and brought some cool baby gear along!

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Jordan, Jahki’s mom, singer, poet, and vocal instructor

Q: Favorite things about being a mom

One of my favorite things about being a mom is that to him I am absolutely perfect. I have no flaws and he doesn’t care if my rent was late this month or that we don’t have enough gas in the car. All he cares about is that his needs are met within me.

Q: How did your baby change your life?

I am a true believer that we choose our parents and when he chose me to be his mom, he knew that everything was going to be okay. I had him when I was 29, it totally changed my life for the better. I know what unconditional love is now!

Jahki, 12 weeks old

Q: Give us some of your mothering philosophies?

One thing that I am on the look out for because I believe that baby’s are our pure portals to the angels, God, and all things sacred and holy. When his energy says mama I don’t think we should be here then I am definitely going to take heed to that because they are sensitive to those things. I allow his actions and feelings to guide my own.

Q: How did things change for you when you became a mom?

As far as people, places, and things. I can’t do things that I used to do. Im a doer and a goer. Going to open mics has been one of the major things that I couldn’t do. I remember he was probably about 7 weeks old and mom encouraged me to get out and do something. I put on a skirt, earrings, and bracelets and I was like yeeeees, Jordan is back! I actually feel like Jordan again! That is the most that it has changed for me. But we got Baby Banz headphones now and he can go with me.

Last week we were at the Balcony Club in Dallas. It’s an open mic with live music. They have a live band and I sang for the first time with my baby wearing (his Baby Banz). He was so chill on stage. 


Q: What are Baby Banz?

Baby Banz are noise blockers. 

I am a singer, poet, and vocal instructor. We are getting back into the swing of things and these allow us to do that. We can go into poetry venues and mommy can spit and we can go into song venues and mommy can sing and still feel like mommy. When mommy can do her thing baby can eat.

Baby Banz, Noise Blocking headphones for babies! Jordan uses these when she sings onstage in public venues with her baby in tow!!
Copy of end ofseasonsale!
Jahki, looking cool in his baby sunglasses! Baby Banz!!

Q: Tell us about your baby’s personality

He is the chillest kid ever! The only time he cries is when he is hungry or wet. He’s an observer. I know that he is an old soul because he just watches and studies people.

Patience, I used to say is a virtue that I don’t fully possess yet but he’s taught me that. 

Q: How are you tracking your baby’s milestones?

There is a group called “Wonder Weeks” on Facebook. There is also an app for Wonder Weeks that tells you different leaps that your baby will make.

The app tells you about different leaps that your baby goes through. I also have a notebook for him that tells him about our discoveries. Like discovering his tongue or the day he found his hands. It tells you why baby might be expereincing certain things and explains in milestones they are making.

Jahki, is currently in the events leap, where we are he is learning different events like: bath time, bedtime

Milestone photo: Jahki, featured in Sewn Legacy Baby Apparel! Check out that bow tie!!


Q: Do you have any general advice for moms?

One of the best pieces of advice was to incorporate the baby into my life not to make your life all about the baby because often times as mothers we lose ourselves in being with the baby. You know you’re at the house and its been 6 days since you had a shower or put makeup on and haven’t felt like yourself. Stay being yourself as much as possible. The same way you grow, evolve, and change daily so does your baby. Adapting to that and making it cohesive for your own life to make it gel is crucial.

Want more from Jordan and Jahki???

Check out her full interview this week on our You Tube Channel

Jordan tells us about the origin of Jahki’s name, “Baby Light”, and how Jahki has become the live in model of baby apparel to Sewn Legacy, a family owned custom quilting company. The brand features custom onesies,  reversible burp clothes, portable changing pad pouches and more!!

Company Website –

Instagram – 

Facebook Business Page –

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