When Toddlers Attack!! Funny Mom Stories


My toddler, Moriah is always doing something hilarious. She keeps me laughing and on my toes. The thing is that when things are happening at the time, it may not seem too funny or maybe it is. Either way it ends up being something you look back on and smile. Recently, one of our funny moments inspired me to write about the experience. I also decided to put out a call for all of my mom friends to tell me funny stories and antidotes about being a mom or things that their kids did! There were some really funny ones. The one that took that cake was one about a toddler who ate his own poo! This got me thinking that there are always endless moments that kids will have as they continue to grow. Today, I will feature my very own funny mom story and how we got through it.

First, let me just say that I love lip color. I am experimenting with purples and browns at the moment and typically I keep my colors out of easily accessible reach of Moriah. She has gotten her hands on my lipsticks and glosses before and so to avoid lipstick being everywhere they are tucked up up and away! The stage that Moriah is currently in is a stage I call “tipping”. This is where she stands on her tip toes and pulls things that are high up down or out of their nested location. This could be from the counter, the table, or dresser drawers. So, everyday she is growing and getting taller, meaning things have to go back farther until she is no longer interested in experimenting with everyday items. Being a parent has made me very mindful of what is where and how far back it has to be for her NOT to reach it. It’s actually very cool, almost like a sixth sense or spidey senses.

Motherhood is a different world all its own.

One day she decided that she wanted to wear lipstick too with a permanent marker that she pulled off of my desk. As I mentioned, the marker was dark bluish purple and was very much so permanent. So, FYI my toddler is like a super ninja baby spy that’s like a puma or cheetah quick in grabbing stuff to experiment with it. This was one of those situations because I looked up, there she was (marker in hand) and her lips were blue. Literally! What do you say? OMG your lips are blue?!? Why did you do this?!? How will we get this off?!? All questions that were asked.

1st try – Warm washcloth, no soap. So, my mom suggests we use a warm washcloth. Why? Well we could have tried something harsher but for the possibility of her sensitive skin having a negative impact water was just the first thought. What was surprising was that the marker was non-toxic and rubbed off super easily and with no irritation to her skin. Okay, so what did we learn ladies and gentlemen?? Permanent markers are no exception for things that little kids will stay away from. Oh yeah and keep a readily available supply of water handy! Luckily she didn’t eat it so we’re good. She is out of that stage and I don’t have to police the floor anymore for random objects lying around! All I can say is that day by day, motherhood is always an adventure all its own.

Do you have a funny story about your kids?? Share it with me and keep the convo going! Multiplesandatoddler @BrittneyIwegbu on Twitter


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