Soothing A Teething Baby

In my most recent article I talked about teething very briefly. Let’s be honest watching your kids be hurt, sad, or upset really tugs on you as a parent. Teething can cause temperatures and irritability in your baby. Moriah now has most all of her teeth and has been done teething for a few months. It was tough with her though because unlike a lot of her one year old counterparts her teeth didn’t start coming until after her first birthday. She experienced several teeth coming in at the same time. Honestly, it seems like she woke up with all of her teeth one day! During the process I was all over the internet trying to find natural ways outside of medicine to help her. Sometimes her mouth would swell and she would run a temperature. The first few times it scared me and she seemed to be so miserable. She would cry and cry some nights and sometimes all night because she was in so much pain. This piece was inspired by Moriah’s teething blues! Below I have listed a few simple tricks to help relieve and soothe your teething baby. Enjoy!


1- Baby Orajel – Extra Strength

Baby orajel helps because it is a numbing agent. I bought two kinds: one for daytime and one for nightime. Both were extra strength and if you get the twin pack at target it’s around $4 or $5. Moriah would cry and hold her cheeks until I would put orajel on her gums. It seemed to help her deal with the pain.

The active ingredient in both is called Benzocaine. It is a stronger dose in the night time at 10% whereas the daytime strength is 7.5%.

Note: According to Benzocaine is a topical local anesthetic (numbing medication) that works by blocking nerve signals. It goes on to say that it can be used for several things including but not limited to reduce pain and discomfort caused by minor skin irritations and our topic today, teething!

22- Crushed Ice/Popsicles

The good thing is that ice melts. I used it to help numb Moriah’s mouth. I gave her crushed up pieces of ice that melted a few seconds after hitting her tongue. If you want to avoid using any type of medication ice helps
a lot. Be sure to crush the ice into tiny enough pieces that will melt on contact and not get stuck in your baby’s throat. This is definitely a choking hazard if you don’t pay close attention by doing those things first and then watching them while they eat it.

3- Frozen face towel

Another natural way to relieve your baby is to use a frozen face towel. You can use an average size face towel but I used one of my baby’s bath towels. That was a little more of a better fit for her because her mouth is small. I found this hack online but had used it before during breastfeeding. I’ll tell that story another day though!

Quick Guide:

Wet a small face towel, place it inside a ziplock bag, let it freeze, and when it’s ready take it out and let your baby suck on it. Natural and safe!

***Note: I wouldn’t do this with a color towel just because of the dye that they could suck out of it.

no bpa

4- Teething rings

You can pick up a teething ring virtually anywhere! Grocery stores, Dollar stores, and Superstores. So the point with the teething rings are that they have this gel or liquid in them. These go into the freezer until the liquid hardens or freezes. Try to look for the non-BPA products. BPA was discovered in the 60’s. says that BPA stands for bisphenol A. There are conflicted views of whether BPA is harmful or not. The article I found says that typically, BPA is found in plastics, food cans, and containers for food. Check out the Mayo Clinic BPA article for yourself and do a little research on the subject.

Bonus: Frozen Carrots 

no bpa-2Some people told me to try whole frozen carrots because babies can’t swallow them and they can suck on them to be soothed. Personally, I never tried this but several of my mom friends swear by it. Try it and let me know how it works!  Find me on   Twitter @BrittneyIwegbu


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