Minivan or SUV?

Minivans used to make me think of a magic Mary Poppins character. A cookie-making, homemaker with a family dog that takes everyone home after soccer practice. Mama-van people seemed to me like the multi-tasking all knowing creatures that in a way were living the life.  A life that I personally pictured having in a 4-door SUV. (A Chevy Tahoe to be exact!) I thought that once I started a family that this would be my transportation solution for sure.

The first time I took my first daughter Moriah to the doctor we had a small 4-door Kia Spectra. It barely held her car seat, the baby bag, and my purse. I figured then I needed to upgrade. When my twins were born life in a 4-door car seemed to go right out of the window. I started thinking about where everyone would sit, how they would be safe, and selfishly enough how cool I would look driving said car.

A cookie-making, homemaker with a family dog that takes everyone home after soccer practice.

Buying a new car

My process of getting a new car had several moving components included. Cash car, spacious enough for all of the kids (and Emmanuels long legs), reliability, and again how cute I would look driving. Everyone offered us an opinion of how to choose a car for our growing family. Some said 3rd row seating SUV’s and others told us to get ready for the mama van.

The Cash Car Experience

A cash car is a car that you purchase with a lump sum of money rather than paying a car note every month under a financed contract. We considered that we needed a newer vehicle to decrease the likelihood of repeat repairs. Looking at our monthly expenses made us ultimately choose this over a finance vehicle.

Seeing Dollar Signs

I really wanted to get an SUV but another thing that is important to point out is that they are a lot more expensive than minivans and they take more gas to run. Did I mention we needed to save as much money as possible?! This made dollar signs circle my head like a cartoon that had just been hit with an anvil over the head.

Note: My van only takes about $25 or $30 to fill up and is pretty good on gas so I think we chose wisely.


Minivan or SUV?

Now, I would choose my van every time! Something I dreaded so much is now one of the best things that could have happened to my family and I. I have enough room for each of us and all of our stuff. I don’t feel like the kids are unsafe, and I look cute driving it! Choosing a cash car also saves us lots of headaches.  Definitely a smart buy!

Going to the hospital and finding out that twins were in our near future made these thoughts a reality. Thinking everything didn’t fit in a tiny car for one kid. How will we fit for two more? I never imagined though that one day I would be a minivan driving mama. I always thought that the largest car that I would drive was a Chevy Tahoe. I thought that once I had a family that this would make for a nice family car and it was cute. What’s funny is that I had no idea that I would one day have twins making our family go from three to five!

Purchasing a new vehicle for your newly large family? Which one did you choose? Minivan or SUV? Tell me on Twitter @BrittneyIwegbu


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