Cooking with Mama

Lately, I have been pushing the bounds of possibility with my cooking for my family. So, I called my friend Shianne, who loves to cook and also loves to eat healthy. We did an experiment and cooked for a week straight, trying all different things the whole week. The goal was to make healthy meals and feed my large family for several days with lunch and dinner. I figured this would help make it easier for me to manage my oh so busy schedule. After a little thought we came up with a few things based on what was in my pantry and refrigerator and the results were amazing! Anything that makes my life easier is definitely worth mentioning. So shout out to Shi! Love you girl!!

cooking with mama

First, I must say that never in a million year did I think that I would be capable of making meals that are this hearty and healthy at the same time. I always thought that it was either eat little to nothing or eat things that I didn’t like to be healthy. Now, I know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since that week I have been cooking almost every other day experimenting with other healthy alternatives and ingredients.

**All of the photos pictured are healthy hardy meals that Shianne coached me through during our virtual sessions. Check them out! They were so good!

cooking with mama
2 of the meals I cooked virtually with @sunflower_jones

Queso con carne with fresh pico de gallo

The other night we had couples movie night. Before Shianne and Garrison came by Shianne and I did a virtual cooking class for this recipe. It came out great! The pico de Gallo was so fresh that it made me regret ever not liking it in the first place.

Note: I have never been a big fan of pico de gallo until this dish. Also I have made nachos and queso before but this was real restaurant quality.

Sweet and Savory Stuffed Chicken

So this was our first official meal of experimentation. Fresh seasonings and veggies together made the stuffing for my chicken breasts. We topped this with a dry rub and included roasted carrots and potatoes. The flavors were different than anything I have ever had in my life! So excited to keep trying new flavors. This one gave me so much confidence!

cooking with mama-2
(Top) Roasted vegetables  (Bottom) Spinach and mozzarella stuffed meatballs

Spinach and Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

Our final meal of the week was meatballs! Full of flavor and according to three of my co-workers they couldn’t even tell that these were made with Turkey.  Even after day 2 the noodles were not dry! Definitely, have to make this again.

We both have such busy schedules that Shianne came up with this idea to do virtual classes. So, between changing diapers and taking care of my family we walk through these amazing recipes. It was a great experiment and it left me wanting more ideas to keep my family lean, healthy, and full in the most affordable fashion.


Need virtual classes or recipe ideas?

Hit her up on Instagram @sunflower_jones


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