Mom Feature of The Week – Shani T.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have, kids could care less! All that matters is mommy and daddy being there for them. -Shani T.

This weeks mom extraordinaire is Shani! Mother to 2 year old Peretty and independent business owner with her own financial firm and call center in the heart of Lancaster, TX! Shani paints a beautiful picture for all mamapreneurs alike. She tells us about turning her own challenges into positive lessons for her daughter. Shani also gives insight into her life as a full time mom and business owner and how she does it all. Please welcome Ms. Shani T! Enjoy.

“I was one of 14 siblings but when she came I was so scared to touch her. I literally thought she would break!”

What makes you feel like a success as a mom

Waking up every day to see my daughter living, smiling, and happy. Knowing that we have food to eat and that she is learning something each time she goes to daycare. When people tell me that my daughter is smart it lets me know that I am doing something right and I take great pride in that.

What are some of your mom philosophies?

I love teaching my daughter manners. Personally, I was a very respectful child and I want to instill those same values in my own daughter. The other philosophy has to do with teaching her about financial literacy elements. When I was younger my own credit was not my best attribute so its important to me to teach her to manage her own finances so that she has something to build on.


What advice would you give a first-time mom?

Don’t overdo it! Save your money, especially when other parents tell you things you do and do not need. My first thoughts when people tried to tell me not to spend on certain things was, “No way! My baby will have everything!” I even bought diapers before the baby shower. Sadly, most of those newborn clothes ended up hanging in the closet because Peretty outgrew all of it! So, don’t buy that $200 bathtub, just use the sink!

“Once she starts talking she’ll make you laugh every time!” 

What were some challenges when you became a first-time mom?

I was so afraid of my own baby. Growing up I was the second oldest of fourteen siblings. I knew how to make bottles, change diapers, and take care of others. When she came, it was so scary to me that I needed help with things like putting on her clothes and changing her diaper. Her soft spot terrified me and literally I thought she would break!

What is one of your favorite things about being a mom?

Spending time with her. I love taking my daughter places because she loves to meet new people. There is not a stranger anywhere that she goes because she is always walking up to people making new friends. One of our favorite places to go is the park, where she can play and climb.

“I let her buy her own candy so she knows how to manage her own money.”

How do you track milestones?

I like to keep travel and event tickets as keepsakes. I also take lots of pictures and give her lots of praise when she does things that are new.

“When I was younger we didn’t have a lot. We had to cherish everything we had. I am proud that I can show my own daughter how to add to her own legacy.”

Can you give us some advice from a business mom perspective?

I was very driven to find a way to get out of the day-to-day hustle of working for someone else. It never left me enough time to be a mom. Excellent pay without being able to participate in my daughters life was meaningless. Getting dressed everyday to have her at daycare by certain times where she was the first one there and the last to leave, killed me.

Having my own business allowed me to set my own hours. Plus, I don’t have to go when I’m sick.

Once you started your business how did being a mom change?

None. Now I was able to write my own rules. She came to work with me everyday! I had a play area and swing set for her to play in. My element was now her element and it gave me so much more peace of mind knowing that she was always in my line of sight.

What advice can you give a mom working to become her own boss or an entrepreneur?

Dream big and don’t give up because it’s worth it! And once you get there just keep pushing to expand those dreams!

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Want more from Shani?

Shani’s company Elite Working Individuals services clients from Direct TV to Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines to name a few!

interested in working from home?

No cold calling or sales involved! Full-Time positions available. Perfect for stay at home moms and college students! Please send resumes to



  1. Wow, this was beautiful and well said! Motherhood is definitely a beautiful gift and something to cherish. I really enjoy reading you motherhood experience and about your ownership. Keep up the hard work Shanita!!


  2. Truly an inspiration and motivating love it with all my heart! Beautiful family as well! Keep up the good work and setting examples for young upcoming business moms.


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