Mommy Makeover Extravaganza!

“Once you become a parent it’s all about the kids.”

Meet Ebony Lewis of Dallas, wife to Dominique and mother of four beautiful babies. Their names are DaQualyn, Domonique, Destiny, and Danielle. Recently, Multiples and a Toddler collaborated with a DFW stylist and boutique to reward a deserving mother of the Metroplex with a day of glamour in honor of Mother’s Day! We met on set the last weekend in May to bring the ambiance to Ebony and it was most definitely a hit! Stay tuned on our channel to see Ebony’s mom webisode coming soon!

Mommy moment: “I get the most joy out of the random mommy I love you and mommy can I have moments!” – Ebony

Q: What would you tell a first time mom?

Be patient and don’t stress yourself out. Your baby will tell you what they want just go down your checklist! Pampers, milk, or paci!

Q: What were your expectations as a first time mom?

I always thought that I was someone’s mom so when I finally had my own children I felt like it was my time. It was very nice and came naturally to me.

Pictured: (Left) Ebony, (Left) Destiny (6 months) (Right) Dominique, Dad (Middle) Domonique (2 years) (Right) DaQualyn (4 years)

Q: How did you feel about being nominated to get a mommy makeover?

When I first heard about it from my moms friend Shangra, I laughed and was like “Uh, do you know these people?!” after she told me that she did, I felt at ease. I started to get excited but then I also thought jokingly, “Hmm okay who has been in my business?!”

Q: Out of 22 people you won this contest. Tell us about yourself, your life, and your history with makeup.

My name is Ebony Lewis. I work for the United States Post Office as a Postal Carrier. I have been married for two years and I have four kids, ages 5 months, 2 years old, 4 years old, and 6 years old. I was an athlete in high school and did not really wear a lot of makeup and honestly never really learned a lot about it. Now, being a mail carrier its easy for me to sweat out my hair and makeup so easily so I seldom wear it at all.

mommy makeover

Out of 22 contestants Ebony was randomly chosen and brought her A game the last Saturday in May! Multiples and a Toddler would like to thank Ebony Lewis for her participation, G.O.D’s Image Consultants, Kierria Thompson, and Main Event Boutique for all of the fashion styling, jewelry, and makeup. Photo credit goes to Lanetta Moore and Multiples and a Toddler. Thanks to Assistant Stylist, Prince who served onset and last but definitely not least, Dyjuana McDonald for hair styling and working onset with our mommy model, Ebony!

Ebony Lewis Mom Makeover-2

I must say that this was an amazing opportunity to work with such a talented stylist and her team of style and fashion experts but also just in the way that everything came together. The day could not have gone better especially for this mom. Ebony was so ecstatic that she cried before we went on set for photos. This was by far the coolest part of the day because it was like she was re-introduced to who she had always been. As parents and especially mothers, it seems like we take care of everyone else except our own selves. So this project was truly a success and especially because someone else got the chance to really feel special. This entry is a photo journal of Ebony’s Big Day! Check it out and enjoy!

Ebony Lewis pictured with collaborators Brittney Iwegbu (left) and Kierria Thompson (right)

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms    


Q: How do you make sure to decompress or take care of yourself now?

Do you want my real answer?… Well, I lock myself in the bathroom, get a pedicure, or get my hair done. Doing stuff for myself always makes me feel good because for me its all about my kids.


Q: Tell us about your support system and the importance of having one.

My support system is awesome! My aunt is the babysitter and she is always willing to help me when I need time to myself.


Q: How did you feel going back to work after your last baby?

I didn’t want to go back but I did 12 weeks maternity leave and she was my first child to breast feed. I feel like we have a really strong bond. She knows when I’m not home when I should be.4

Q: What are you excited to learn today during this event?

I’m excited to just get to play around in the makeup because I don’t know a lot about it.

Infant Photos (Pictured) (Left to Right/Top to Bottom) DaQualyn, Domonique, Destiny, and Danielle

Q: What advice would you give a new breastfeeding mom?

Keep on trying. My last baby and I breastfed four months and she stopped. Now she is on the bottle. My other kids thought that it was nasty because they were all bottle fed.


Special thanks to Ebony Lewis for allowing us the opportunity to work with her. I would also like to take the time to give a special thanks to Kierria Thompson of G.O.D’s Image Consulting of Dallas. This collaboration would not have been possible without her cooperation. Thank you to all the participants that made this collaboration possible.





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