Summer Time Recap



Welcome, welcome, welcome! School is in session, the air is starting to get nippy, and the kids well most of them are back in school. Not mine though! They are still home with me but that’s my way of life and I would have it no other way. This year has been such a blessing and I am grateful to have so many people that love and support me in my writing and creative projects!

summer fun-3

Mommy Makeover kicked off the summer with a vengeance! I got to give back to a deserving mommy who needed a little me time. Then, I learned about how to help a child in need by donating my old car! After that I got to meet some wonderful WNBA players, attend my first game as a fan, and last to host a diaper drive to bring awareness to an awesome non-profit that helps first time mothers in Dallas!

Whoo! I know that was a mouthful but this summer was jam packed with activities, community engagement, and giving back! I am excited to tell you all about it, so let’s get into it!

Mommy “May” Makeover Extravaganza

Meet Ebony, wife and working mom of 4. She was chosen after her nomination by a friend to get a day of pampering that was all about her. The day included over $1500 worth of giveaways and reminded her of the importance of self care! Special thanks to G.O.D.S Image Consulting and owner Kierria Thompson for bringing out her Glam Squad and making the day magical for Ebony! Check out their like page here!


#Rollcall Vlog Series Premiere Ad-10

Dallas Can! Cars 4 Kids Program “June”

In January I had two beautiful twin girls, Mikah and Maelani! One month later I got a new car or “mama van” as I call it and had room to seat a small soccer team. Well, it’s spacious but not an entire team, but you know what I mean. It traveled all of my “stuff” and kids “stuff” with no problem. This left us with a whole car that we could do nothing with for another couple of months. My brother-in-law and I were talking one day and he said, “Why don’t you donate it? They have all kinds of programs that can use it.” Lo and behold he was right! Dallas Cans Cars 4 Kids Program is a nonprofit organization that benefits at risk youth in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The money is donated from your car sale to help these youth obtain their high school diplomas! 100% of the net proceeds go to the kids!! My donation was super simple and they came and picked my car up for FREE! Want more information on how to donate? Click here for more info!

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Got Wings? – July through – August

This summer I began volunteering at a nonprofit organization called, WiNGS. They service the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have an office in the Medical District on Inwood road. The organization is near and dear to me because they have a free grant funded program called, Nurse Family Partnership. In this program I was afforded a nurse (Vicki) who came to my home and guided me through my experiences as a first time mom with my daughter, Moriah. My experience was so profound that I wanted to give back in some way so, I became a volunteer! Being on the volunteer side brings a complete picture to the organization and made me love them even more!! Check out WiNGS and Nurse Family Partnership here for more info.

summer fun-6
Nurse, Vicki from Nurse Family Partnership. Moriah turned 2 y/o and graduated the program!

There’s tons to do as a volunteer from tabling at events and passing out information to facilitating financial workshops for the public! This is up my alley because I love people and what better way to give back than to give them info they don’t even know they need yet. Once they learn about all the programs that WiNGS offers they jump onboard, so I am definitely a willing participant.

During one of my volunteer efforts at WiNGS, I got the chance to meet an amazing group of women, the WNBA Wings! They came to learn more about the nonprofit and to support the cohort of graduates completing one of WiNGS programs, the RISE Financial Series. I attended their next game and was blown away by the amount of showmanship and positive energy radiating from the court! Check out the team and their highlights from their last winning game here!!


Diaper Drive: “Bottoms Up Diaper Dash” – August

During the entire month of August, I partnered with WiNGS to host a diaper drive for the moms of Nurse Family Partnership! The drive fostered a lot of community support and sponsorships from H&R Block and Champions Townhomes in Dallas. The drive raised  a little less than $200 worth of diapers at a whopping $196! Hopefully, this will be an annual effort but it definitely raised awareness for the program and can help another first-time mother.

Diaper Selfie Contest

We gave away two tickets to Choose Again Yoga for people who participated with diaper selfies! Thank you to all of those who participated in the contest and by donating packages of diapers. Special thanks to our sponsors of the diaper dash H&R Block and Champions Townhomes.

summer fun-7






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