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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get featured as a mom on the Multiples and a Toddler Lifestyle Blog  

Q: How do I get featured on any of the the brands subsidiary lifestyle platform media as a guest?

The information below applies to the following:

Video Blog/You Tube Web Episodes/Live Feed/Podcast

Q: How do I refer or nominate someone else to be featured on the blog?

Thanks so much for the referral! This feature is based on nomination. If you would like to nominate someone to be featured on our blog send an email to multiplesandatoddler@gmail.com, send a message through the blog on the “contact” page, or send a message through our Facebook Like Page. Include details of why you think this person would be a good interview candidate whether they are a business or working mom and include their contact information. Be sure to inform the mom that you have nominated her and that we will be contacting her for additional information.


Q: What if I want to be a guest contributor on the blog?

Send an inquiry message to multiplesandatoddler@gmail.com including the following:

  • Bio – 150 words or less
  • Links and social media handle information
  • Writing sample over any topic addressing motherhood – 250 words, max 750 words.
  • A statement of the types of articles or content you would like to contribute to the blog and how you think it will help move the brand forward. – 150 words or less

Your information will be reviewed and you will receive feedback within 4-5 business days of receipt. If chosen you will be required to update social media status’, like/share articles related to your contribution.

If you would like to assist in the content development stage to contribute to ideas and stories we run on the Multiples and a Toddler lifestyle blog please send an inquiry here and include the information requested above.

Q: Do I get paid to contribute?

Currently, all guest contributing pieces are on a voluntary basis only and will be used to include in your personal writer/blogger portfolio.

Q: How do I learn more about the brand?

WordPress, You Tube, Facebook Like Page, Twitter, or Instagram, or 411 Radio Network