Soothing A Teething Baby

In my most recent article I talked about teething very briefly. Let's be honest watching your kids be hurt, sad, or upset really tugs on you as a parent. Teething can cause temperatures and irritability in your baby. Moriah now has most all of her teeth and has been done teething for a few months.... Continue Reading →


Mom Feature of The Week – Jasmine A.

"She's just such a happy baby!" This weeks mom is Jasmine, a stay at home mom and wife to 9 month old, Skyler. Jasmine and her husband Grady have a photography business that often features their daughter in several of their marketing materials. She comes to us this week to encourage mothers to try again after an unsuccessful first... Continue Reading →

Mom Feature of the Week – Jordan K.

"Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!" Jordan, classically trained vocalist and Oklahoma native has been performing on the poetry circuit in Dallas for years. Often lending background vocals to professional artists in the DFW area, she also frequents the Balcony Club in Dallas. She recently moved back to Oklahoma to have her baby and stopped... Continue Reading →

Mom Feature of The Week – Jeanette M.

"I love my country life!" Our mother of the week is Jeanette, a young housewife, mom to four kiddos, and business owner. She talks to us about a few of her favorite things in motherhood, transitioning from working to being a stay at home mom, and her mothering philosophies. Her children are (12) year old Nicholas,... Continue Reading →

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